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Emily is currently full and no longer accepting clients. Shiri continues to have availability. Please contact us with any further questions. 

Who We Serve and The Services We Offer

Learn a little about who we see and what types of therapy we offer. 

Who We Serve

We see clients ages five through seventy.  Here's a little bit about how we work with each age group. 

We work with children ages 5-12, particularly children who have significant social struggles as well as oppositional and defiant behaviors. Our approaches when working with children, include play therapy, experiential approaches, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and reality therapy.

ages 5-18

We also have worked extensively with adolescents, ages 13-19. As well as continuing to use experiential approaches, we also use narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and reality therapy, which allow adolescents to examine their world and what choices they have available to them.

ages 13-19

In our work with adults, we continue to use narrative, cognitive behavioral and reality therapy approaches. Our aim with adults is to help support and guide them through their struggles, while being frank and challenging approaches that are not working well.

ages 20+

Services Offered

Best place to start!  Individual therapy can look how you want it to look.  We can explore various issues, ranging from stress management to complex trauma.  Call us to see if the fit is right!

Issues with our relatives can come up often.  The best way to work them out is with said relative.  Family therapy can offer a neutral place for that resolution to take place.  Call us to learn more!


The old adage that parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual is true.  Parenting is hard.  You often wonder if what you're doing is helpful or if it's detrimental.  Parenting support can be a way to check in about different strategies that may be helpful in your situation.  Call us to set an appointment. 

Often, one of the most pressing concerns with mental health is the feeling of isolation.  Intellectually we know that we're not alone but we often feel as if we were.  Aiding Therapy Services offers group therapy options throughout the year to help decrease this isolation. Call to learn more!

With so much to gain, why wait?

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